Coyote Server v3.1.0 -beta2 (Linux)

SKU: SVS-CS-v3.1.0 -beta2

Coyote Server Software - v3.1.0 -beta 2 release (Linux)

(Coyote Control is for PC Only, Mac and Linux launching soon)

*Coyote Q12G and D12G models only

Original upload date 7/25/2022




 v3.1.0 -beta2 Features


We've done a lot of performance improvements for this release, including internal engine improvements to dramatically reduce the need to copy picture data, as well as replacing Linux OS components and GStreamer components with versions aggressively optimized for the powerful CPUs in the Coyotes.

New "Next" box

We have added an additional "Next" box that will help the operator see what is coming up next before the preset becomes live. (minimum screen resolution of 1680 x 1050 needed). Simply select the preset from the preset panel and the preset will be added to the next box. The entire "Next" box is on by default however you can close it and use the UI on smaller screens if you need.

New "Live" Logic added

With the new next box added we are now able to focus the live area with new logic. Users can now select any preset in the live box and the mini-view, audio meters, and buttons will track the selected preset. End, Pause, etc. will now follow which preset is highlighted in the live box

New "Mini-View"

We added an all-new mini-view screen that allows the user to see what is playing on each player in the UI. This is a compliment to any multiview monitor you may be using. The new mini-view screen will be very helpful for those just using a single HDMI out with no multiview monitor set up.

*After the Install is complete, Please pull power for 10 seconds to release the old KONA card settings. Plug back in and re-power the Coyote.


Coming Soon to v3.x

  • User Interface (UI) will run on PC, Mac, or Linux
  • Dissolving between presets
  • Tabs for multiple preset panels. ie: Monday, Tuesday, 16x9, backgrounds, LED walls
  • Tabs for multiple servers
  • Live video preview in the layout panel.
  • Live preview and edit capabilities direct in the asset panel.
  • Director View. Use any unused output to scale a video stream down to a pip with title and countdown overlaid
  • Scale any output to another output
  • Multiview overlays
  • Artnet control protocol
  • Plug and play network discovery for remote ingest of files
  • Tally Arbiter